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Access Arkansas Records: background checks, warrants, probation and parole, court records, and all criminal and arrest records.

Search free Arkansas criminal records now and learn how to scour official databases and record custodians to find information on another person in no time.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Arkansas FOIA law, individuals are able to search most criminal proceedings, including Arkansas arrest records. However, finding the records can prove difficult since they’re stored across several different agencies, and searchers must know where to look.

This resource helps streamline the process with how-to guides that walk readers through the exact agencies to check with, forms that need to be filled, various retrieval methods, nuances, and other legalities.

The following Arkansas public records can be found by using this guide:

  • Current and/or recent arrests
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest warrants
  • Probation and parole information
  • Background checks for personal or professional uses
  • Prison inmate records—in state prison and/or federal prison
  • Sex offenders via the sex offender registry

Lastly, the criminal record expungement and sealing process is outlined as well as laws surrounding background checks and criminal record antidiscrimination.

Are Criminal & Arrest Records Open to the Public in Arkansas?

When checking if someone has a criminal record, knowing the laws surrounding the creation, storage and release of public records in Arkansas is beneficial some criminal records aren’t available to the public while others are.

Federal agencies that operate within the state are bound by the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which outlines what federal records are public and how they can be distributed or disclosed.1

There is a state-level FOIA law as well which makes criminal records and arrest records in Arkansas available to the public with certain exceptions. This means that most adult records can be viewed by anyone upon request. The following records are exempt from disclosure per the Arkansas FOIA law:

  • Juvenile Records
  • Expunged Records
  • Pre-sentence Reports
  • Pre-parole Reports and a Parolee Database
  • Jury Information
  • Indictments (against a person who is not in jail).

Another important factor when researching a person’s criminal background is to know what will appear on certain records. Depending on the type of record, and which public records repository distributes the report will determine the information contained within. These and various other vital insights and documents can also be found in the instructions for looking up any public record in Arkansas.

What’s the Difference Between Arkansas Arrest Records vs Criminal Records & What Shows Up on Each?

People often use the phrase arrest report and criminal record to mean the same thing; however, these records are somewhat different in what information is provided.

Arkansas arrest records are sometimes the first entry into an overall criminal history report since arrests usually occur at the beginning of the criminal justice process. The arrest record shows the person’s name, aliases, charges filed against the person, where they were taken into custody, the date and time of arrest and where the person is being housed.

A screenshot of a record check request form from the Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau, designed to collect full personal details, including names, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers, specifically for U.S. visa application purposes indicated by a checkbox for an Apostille Letter.
Source: Arkansas State Police2

Arrest records may also show the amount of bond that has been set in the case. What it doesn’t show is what happened in the court system after the arrest occurred.

This is why, for employment or housing purposes, an arrest record is not enough.

Arkansas criminal records show any pending charges, including arrest records, for felonies only, all felony and misdemeanor convictions within the state, and if the person is required to register as a sex offender in the state.

A criminal history report in Arkansas does not show non-convictions, pending misdemeanors or traffic offenses.

Knowing what each record helps someone narrow down their search. For example, if they need a record for employment purposes, a criminal record will serve the purpose better than an arrest record. If they are just wanting to satisfy curiosity, an arrest record may be sufficient.

Deciding which record is needed also helps determine where to find the information.

How To Find Out if Someone Was Arrested & the Reason for Detainment in Arkansas (Free Searches Through Law Enforcement Agencies)

A person may have heard that a friend or family member has been arrested, and they want to confirm the rumor, but don’t know how to find out if someone was arrested.

There are several ways to find recent arrests or determine if a person they know is in custody, but there is some information they need in order to search for someone in jail, including the following: person’s first and last name, date of birth or approximate age, race, gender, where the person was arrested (city or county), and approximate date and time of arrest.

A screenshot from the Benton County sheriff's office website showing the inmate roster page.
Source: Benton County Sheriff’s Office3

This information helps narrow down the possible holding locations of the defendant since the majority of people arrested are housed somewhere in the county where the arrest occurred. Jails are holding facilities that secure inmates awaiting trial, or those serving short-term (typically under 12 month) sentences, and these facilities are typically maintained by the county sheriff or local police departments.

Search Arrest Records in Arkansas via County Sherriff’s Offices (Check AR Mugshots & Inmate Rosters)

County jails in Arkansas are maintained by the local county sheriff’s office and can house inmates arrested by city, county, state or federal law enforcement agencies operating in that county. Some counties also work with neighboring sheriff’s offices to house inmates.

The table below lists the county sheriff’s office, contact number for the department and whether or not a mugshot database is available on the agency website or not. While every sheriff’s office can legally publish an inmate roster, not every department does, and some do not have an online presence at all.

Use this table to link to or know what number to call to find out about a county inmate:

Arkansas County Inmate Search Tool Phone Number Shows Mugshots?
Arkansas County Sheriff’s Office* 870-659-2060 X
Ashley County Sheriff’s Office* 870-853-2040 X
Baxter County Sheriff’s Office 870-425-7000
Benton County Sheriff’s Office 479-271-1008
Boone County Sheriff’s Office 870-741-8404
Bradley County Sheriff’s Office** 870-226-3491 X
Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office+ 870-798-2323 X
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office* 870-423-2901 X
Chicot County Sheriff’s Office** 870-265-8000 X
Clark County Sheriff’s Office* 870-246-2222 X
Clay County Sheriff’s Office* 870-598-2270 X
Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office* 501-362-8143 X
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office* 870-325-6222 X
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office 870-234-5331
Conway County Sheriff’s Office* 501-354-2411 X
Craighead County Sheriff’s Office 870-935-5553
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office* 479-474-2261 X
Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office 870-702-2010
Cross County Sheriff’s Office 870-238-5700
Dallas County Sheriff’s Office 870-352-2002
Desha County Sheriff’s Office* 870-877-2580 X
Drew County Sheriff’s Office 870-367-6211
Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office 501-450-4914
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office* 479-213-0098 X
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office* 870-895-2601 X
Garland County Sheriff’s Office 501-622-3660
Grant County Sheriff’s Office* 870-942-2101 X
Greene County Sheriff’s Office 870-239-6343
Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office 870-777-6727
Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office* 501-337-7738 X
Howard County Sheriff’s Office 870-845-2626
Independence County Sheriff’s Office 870-793-8838
Izard County Sheriff’s Office 870-368-4203
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office* 870-523-5842 X
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 870-541-5351
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office 479-754-2200
Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office* 870-921-4252 X
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office* 870-886-2525 X
Lee County Sheriff’s Office* 870-295-7775 X
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office* 870-628-4271 X
Little River County Sheriff’s Office* 870-898-5115 X
Logan County Sheriff’s Office 479-963-3271
Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office 501-676-3001
Madison County Sheriff’s Office 479-738-5612
Marion County Sheriff’s Office 870-449-4236
Miller County Sheriff’s Office* 870-774-3001 X
Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office 870-658-2242
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office 870-747-3811
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office* 870-867-3151 X
Nevada County Sheriff’s Office 870-887-2616
Newton County Sheriff’s Office 870-446-5124
Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office 870-231-5300
Perry County Sheriff’s Office* 501-889-3309 X
Phillips County Sheriff’s Office 870-338-5555
Pike County Sheriff’s Office 870-285-3315
Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office 807-578-2116
Polk County Sheriff’s Office* 479-394-2511 X
Pope County Sheriff’s Office* 479-968-2558 X
Prairie County Sheriff’s Office* 870-256-4137 X
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office 501-340-7001
Randolph County Sheriff’s Office 870-892-8888
Saint Francis County Sheriff’s Office 870-633-2611
Saline County Sheriff’s Office 501-303-5744
Scott County Sheriff’s Office* 479-637-4156 X
Searcy County Sheriff’s Office 870-448-2340 X
Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office 479-783-4988
Sevier County Sheriff’s Office* 870-642-2125 X
Sharp County Sheriff’s Office* 870-994-7329 X
Stone County Sheriff’s Office 870-269-3825
Union County Sheriff’s Office 807-864-1970
Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office 501-745-2112
Washington County Sheriff’s Office 479-444-5830
White County Sheriff’s Office 501-279-6279
Woodruff County Sheriff’s Office* 870-347-2583 X
Yell County Sheriff’s Office* 479-495-4881 X

*Sheriff’s Office does not have an online link and/or functional webpage
**County does not have a jail, the sheriff’s office works with neighboring agencies to hold arrestees.

A screenshot of the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office website shows their inmate roster page, which displays inmate profiles with details such as booking number, booking date, and charges and includes sorting options and a search bar for finding specific inmates.
Source: Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office4

Individuals can also search for current arrest records in Arkansas by doing the following steps:

  1. Google “Arkansas [county name] inmate roster.”
  2. Review the top 3-4 search results for the official county website. For example, if someone wanted to know who is being housed in Newton County, they would type ‘Arkansas Newton County who’s in jail’ to reach the NCSO website.
  3. On the sheriff’s office website, look for a link that says inmate roster or inmate list.
  4. If a link is not available on the sheriff’s office website, look for a phone number.
  5. for the jail, or call the non-emergency number listed on the page for the sheriff’s office to find out about an inmate.

Find Recent Arrests Through Municipal Police Departments in Arkansas

When someone is arrested by city police departments, the arrestee is transported to the nearest county jail for housing in Arkansas.

In short, when someone is arrested by municipal law enforcement, it is necessary to know what county that city is in to do an inmate search.

For example, to find someone who was arrested by the ‘Little Rock Police Department’, someone would need to know which county Little Rock is in and search that county jail for the location of the arrestee.

For convenience, the table below lists the phone number to a major city or town police department in Arkansas:

Arkansas County Seat or Largest Municipality Police Departments Phone Number
Arkadelphia Police Department 870-246-4545
Arkansas City Police Department 620-441-4444
Ash Flat Police Department 870-994-3061
Ashdown Police Department 870-898-5640
Augusta Police Department 870-347-2790
Batesville Police Department 870-569–8111
Benton Police Department 501-776-5948
Bentonville Police Department 479-271-5900
Berryville Police Department 870-423-3343
Blytheville Police Department 870-763-4411
Booneville Police Department 479-675-3508
Camden Police Department 870-836-5755
Clarenden Police Department 870-747-3417
Clarksville Police Department 479-774-6911
Clinton Police Department 501-745-4997
Conway Police Department 501-450-6120
Dardanelle Police Department 479-229-2533
De Queen Police Department 870-642-2213
Des Arc Police Department 870-256-3011
El Dorado Police Department 870-881-4800
Fayetteville Police Department 479-587-3555
Fordyce Police Department 870-352-2178
Forrest City Police Department 870-633-3434
Fort Smith Police Department 479-709-5000
Hamburg Police Department 870-853-8600
Hampton Police Department 870-798-4610
Harrisburg Police Department 870-578-2530
Harrison Police Department 870-741-5463
Heber Springs Police Department 435-654-3040
Helena Police Department 870-817-7411
Hope Police Department 870-777-3434
Hot Springs Police Department 501-321-6789
Huntsville Police Department 479-738-2610
Jasper Police Department 870-446-2633
Jonesboro Police Department 870-935-5657
Lake Village Police Department 870-265-5055
Lewisville Police Department 870-921-4300
Little Rock Police Department 501-371-4605
Lonoke Police Department 501-676-6953
Magnolia Police Department 870-234-2323
Malvern Police Department 501-332-3636
Marianna Police Department 850-526-3125
Marion Police Department 870-739-2101
Marshall Police Department 870-448-2888
Melbourne Police Department 870-368-4203
Mena Police Department 479-394-1212
Monticello Police Department 870-367-3411
Morrilton Police Department 501-354-0131
Mount Ida Police Department 870-867-3151
Mountain Home Police Department 870-4256336
Mountain View Police Department 870-269-4211
Murfreesboro Police Department 870-285-3533
Nashville Police Department 870-845-3434
Newport Police Department 870-523-2722
Ozark Police Department 479-667-2233
Paragould Police Department 870-236-7621
Perryville Police Department 501-889-3309
Piggott Police Department 870-598-2295
Pine Bluff Police Department 870-730-2080
Pocahontas Police Department 870-892-9867
Prescott Police Department 870-887-6779
Rison Police Department 870-325-7444
Russellville Police Department 479-968-2098
Salem Police Department 870-895-3478
Searcy Police Department 501-279-1077
Sheridan Police Department 870-942-4642
Star City Police Department 870-628-4244
Stuttgart Police Department 870-673-1414
Texarkana Police Department 903-798 3130
Van Buren Police Department 479-474-2261
Waldron Police Department 479-637-3103
Walnut Ridge Police Department 870-886-3568
Warren Police Department 870-226-3703
Wynne Police Department 870-238-8718
Yellville Police Department 870-449-4236

If someone is arrested by the municipal police department in one of the cities listed above, the searcher can call the non-emergency number listed in the table to ask which jail the individual was transported to for holding.

Searches can also preform the following search in a search engine to see if someone was arrested and what for:

  1. Google “Arkansas [city name] daily arrests.”
  2. Review the top search results for the office agency website. For example, when searching Little Rock Police Department, the searcher would Google “Arkansas Little Rock PD daily arrests” to reach the LRPD daily reports page.5
  3. Look for a link for daily reports or blotters from the municipal police department (see the example above), or call the non-emergency number at the department to see where an arrestee was taken.
A screenshot of the Little Rock Police Department website featuring sections for daily reports and various administrative and community services like board meeting agendas, marathon events, and online payment options.
Source: Little Rock Police Department5

These are just a few ways to see if someone was arrested; however, there are other options available as well. Arkansas does allow for the use of a bail bondsman to help locate and coordinate the release of someone arrested pre-trial; however, there are very strict rules about who can act as a bail bonds agent, and the use of the terms “bail enforcement” or “bounty hunter” cannot be used by anyone acting as bail bondsman.

Steps for Contacting an Arkansas Jail Inmate & Bailing Them Out

Using the tables above and the steps for locating an inmate in any county jail in Arkansas, a person can also learn about the facility’s policies and procedures for making contact with inmates. Each jail sets its own days of the week and timeframes for visitation, and many jails use a video visitation system to help inmates stay in contact with loved ones.

For example, searching the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office site reveals that individuals should call the jail at 870-578-2116 to find out the bail amount on an inmate before coming to the jail to post bail.

A search of Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office directs individuals to the jail visitation clerks for information on visitation, contact and bail matters. These clerks set all visitation appointments for family, friends, attorneys or others wishing to contact the inmate such as clergy members or service providers.

Since each jail can set its own policies, it is good practice to call the facility beforehand, or check out the sheriff’s department website, to see what those policies are before driving to the jail.

How To Look Up Arkansas Criminal Records Through State Agencies

Arkansas criminal records can be looked up online, in-person and via mail through various courts and law enforcement agencies such as:

  • Arkansas Judiciary
  • County Specific County Circuit Clerks
  • Arkansas State Police (ASP)

In addition, police reports can be requested through the county and municipal law enforcement agencies seen in the tables above but they won’t include court proceedings or the outcome of the case. Luckily, the agencies below provide comprehensive criminal that are easy to access.

Use the Arkansas Judiciary Web Portal (Statewide Criminal Records Search in AR)

Arkansas does have a statewide criminal record lookup system that is linked to the state judiciary. Using this, someone can do a name-based search to see if a person has has run ins with the law or if they’ve been arrested in Arkansas counties that participate in record sharing — or more than one county in the state.

To do a statewide search of criminal records in Arkansas, complete the following:

  1. Open the Arkansas Judiciary website.
  2. Select the hyperlink for court records.
  3. Click the link to search by name to open the Arkansas court case search form.6
  4. In the section marked case type, searches can choose to search city or county arrest warrants by area. Search each area to complete a statewide search.
A screenshot of the Arkansas Judiciary's case search portal, offering a clean interface for users to search legal cases by participants' names or case descriptions, highlighted with a visual representation of justice in the background.
Source: Arkansas Courts6

Access Arkansas Criminal Records via Public Terminals Hosted by the County Circuit Clerk

While the Arkansas Judiciary is the official creator of a person’s criminal history report, each county has a circuit clerk which is responsible for placing cases on the court calendar or docket, documenting what happens in court hearings, and maintaining a complete case record on file.7

Or in other words, county circuit court clerks are where cases are disposed of, meaning individuals are either found guilty of the charges or they are acquitted or the case against them is dropped or dismissed.

Each circuit clerk also maintains public terminals where anyone can look up cases tried in that count.

The table below lists the address and phone number for each circuit clerk in Arkansas. Searchers can use this information to locate a local courthouse and do a name-based search for that county:

Arkansas County Circuit Clerk Address Phone Number
Arkansas County Circuit Clerk 302 South College
Stuttgart, Arkansas 72042
Ashley County Circuit Clerk 205 E Jefferson, Number 6
Hamburg, Arkansas 71646
Baxter County Circuit Clerk 1 E 7th, Ste 103
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
Benton County Circuit Clerk 102 Northeast A St
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
Boone County Circuit Clerk 100 North Main St, Number 200
Harrison, Arkansas 72601
Bradley County Circuit Clerk 101 E Cedar
Warren, Arkansas 71671
Calhoun County Circuit Clerk POB 1175
Hampton, Arkansas 71744
Carroll County Circuit Clerk 44 South Main Street
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
Chicot County Circuit Clerk 108 Main St
Lake Village, Arkansas 71653
Clark County Circuit Clerk 401 Clay St
Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923
Clay County Circuit Clerk 151 South 2nd St
Piggott, Arkansas 72454
Cleburne County Circuit Clerk POB 543
Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543
Cleveland County Circuit Clerk POB 368
Rison, Arkansas 71665
Columbia County Circuit Clerk 1 Court Sq
Magnolia, Arkansas 71753
Conway County Circuit Clerk 117 South Moose St
Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
Craighead County Circuit Clerk 511 South Main St
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
Crawford County Circuit Clerk 317 Main St
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956
Crittenden County Circuit Clerk 100 Court Sq
Marion, Arkansas 72364
Cross County Circuit Clerk 705 E Union
Wynne, Arkansas 72396
Dallas County Circuit Clerk 3rd and Oak St
Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
Desha County Circuit Clerk POB 309
Arkansas City, Arkansas 71630
Drew County Circuit Clerk 210 S Main
Monticello, Arkansas 71655
Faulkner County Circuit Clerk POB 9
Conway, Arkansas 72034
Franklin County Circuit Clerk POB 1112
Ozark, Arkansas 72949
Fulton County Circuit Clerk POB 219
Salem, Arkansas 72576
Garland County Circuit Clerk 501 Ouachita, Ste 207
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
Grant County Circuit Clerk 103 West Center, Rm 106
Sheridan, Arkansas 72150
Greene County Circuit Clerk 320 W Court St
Paragould, Arkansas 72450
Hempstead County Circuit Clerk 400 South Washington St
Hope, Arkansas 71801
Hot Spring County Circuit Clerk 210 Locust St
Malvern, Arkansas 72104
Howard County Circuit Clerk 421 North Main Street
Nashville, Arkansas 71852
Independence County Circuit Clerk POB 2155
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
Izard County Circuit Clerk POB 95
Melbourne, Arkansas 72556
Jackson County Circuit Clerk 208 Main St
Newport, Arkansas 72112
Jefferson County Circuit Clerk 101 E Barraque St
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601
Johnson County Circuit Clerk POB 189
Clarksville, Arkansas 72830
Lafayette County Circuit Clerk Third and Spruce St
Lewisville, Arkansas 71845
Lawrence County Circuit Clerk 315 W Main
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas 72476
Lee County Circuit Clerk 15 E Chester St, Rm 2
Marianna, Arkansas 72360
Lincoln County Circuit Clerk 300 South Drew St
Star City, Arkansas 71667
Little River County Circuit Clerk 351 N 2nd
Ashdown, Arkansas 71822
Logan County Circuit Clerk 25 West Walnut
Paris, Arkansas 72855
Lonoke County Circuit Clerk POB 870
Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
Madison County Circuit Clerk POB 626
Huntsville, Arkansas 72740
Marion County Circuit Clerk POB 385
Yellville, Arkansas 72687
Miller County Circuit Clerk 400 Laurel Street, Rm 109
Texarkana, Arkansas 71854
Mississippi County Circuit Clerk 200 N Second St
Blytheville, Arkansas 72315
Monroe County Circuit Clerk 123 Madison St
Clarendon, Arkansas 72029
Montgomery County Circuit Clerk 105 Hwy 270 East, Number 10
Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957
Nevada County Circuit Clerk 215 E Second St S
Prescott, Arkansas 71857
Newton County Circuit Clerk POB 410
Jasper, Arkansas 72641
Ouachita County Circuit Clerk 145 Jefferson St
Camden, Arkansas 71701
Perry County Circuit Clerk POB 358
Perryville, Arkansas 72126
Phillips County Circuit Clerk 620 Cherry St
Helena, Arkansas 72342
Pike County Circuit Clerk POB 219
Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958
Poinsett County Circuit Clerk 401 Market St
Harrisburg, Arkansas 72432
Polk County Circuit Clerk 507 Church Ave
Mena, Arkansas 71953
Pope County Circuit Clerk 100 E Main
Russellville, Arkansas 72801
Prairie County Circuit Clerk 200 Courthouse Sq, Suite 104
Des Arc, Arkansas 72040
Pulaski County Circuit Clerk 401 W Markum, Ste 100
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Randolph County Circuit Clerk 107 W Broadway
Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455
Saint Francis County Circuit Clerk 313 S Izard
Forrest City, Arkansas 82335
Saline County Circuit Clerk 200 N Main
Benton, Arkansas 72015
Scott County Circuit Clerk 190 W 1st St, Box 10
Waldron, Arkansas 72958
Searcy County Circuit Clerk POB 998
Marshall, Arkansas 72650
Sebastian County Circuit Clerk POB 1179
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
Sevier County Circuit Clerk 115 N Third
DeQueen, Arkansas 71832
Sharp County Circuit Clerk POB 307
Ash Flat, Arkansas 72513
Stone County Circuit Clerk 107 S Main, Ste D
Mountain View, Arkansas 72560
Union County Circuit Clerk 101 North Washington, Ste 201
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730
Van Buren County Circuit Clerk 273 Main St, Ste 2
Clinton, Arkansas 72031
Washington County Circuit Clerk 280 North College Avenue, Number 302
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
White County Circuit Clerk 300 North Spruce
Searcy, Arkansas 72143
Woodruff County Circuit Clerk 500 North 3rd St
Augusta, Arkansas 72006
Yell County Circuit Clerk POB 219
Danville, Arkansas 72833

If a local search is all that is needed, a person can stop at the county courthouse; however, many people need to conduct a statewide search of court records. Using the steps listed above for a statewide arrest search, individuals can also search court case records to see if the person was found guilty or if the charges resulted in a non-conviction.

Clicking on the case number when searching reveals what happened with that matter in court. By scrolling through the record online, a person can see if the subject was convicted and what the sentence was in a case where there was a conviction.

Because this search can also reveal civil case matters, to determine which cases originated in criminal court, the case will be listed as the state vs the subject’s name.

While the courts build and maintain the case records and provide a free public search portal, for an official statewide background check for employment or housing purposes, searchers can also turn to the Arkansas State Police as well.

View & Obtain Copies of Your Own Criminal Records Through the Arkansas State Police (ASP)

Official criminal history reports for employment, housing and licensure must be obtained through the Arkansas State Police (ASP) to be used legally.8 Unlike records through the court system, reports obtained through ASP are not free to the public.

To obtain an official statewide Arkansas criminal records check, do the following:

  1. Open the Arkansas State Police (ASP) website.
  2. Scroll down the page and click the link for services and programs.
  3. Under the heading labeled regulatory services, click the link for criminal background checks.9
  4. Select the type of background check to be performed: a third-party background check with signed consent of the subject or a personal background check by the subject to be turned in to an employer.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the search and submit payment for the fees. A third-party search requires registration with the state as an approved agency or entity. Third party searches are $22 per search ($11 for volunteers). Personal searches can be done without registration requirements and are $24 per search.
A screenshot of the Arkansas State Police website detailing the process and pricing for conducting background checks, providing different options based on user requirements and legal permissions.
Source: Arkansas State Police9

Official background checks from the Arkansas State Police can also be requested via mail by sending the request along with the subject’s fingerprints to this address:

Arkansas State Police ID Bureau
One State Police Pz Dri
Little Rock Arkansas 72209

The records show all misdemeanor and felony convictions, pending felonies from the previous three years of the date of the screening, and sex offender registry status. The Arkansas State Police can also process and route requests for a nation-wide rap sheet or background check from the FBI. Conviction records can also show if the person was placed on probation or was incarcerated in the state.

How To Find Out Who Is on Probation or Parole in Arkansas

Probation and parole records are maintained by the Arkansas Department of Corrections which provides supervision to individuals under community corrections.

A screenshot of the Arkansas Department of Corrections website displaying a detailed navigation menu for inmate resources, including links to sections such as Death Row, Inmate Search, Inmate Commissary, and various programs and services offered to inmates.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections10

To conduct a probation search on anyone in Arkansas or search for an AR parolee’s record, do the following:

  1. Open the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) website.
  2. Select correction in the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the box labeled inmates.
  4. Choose the inmate search button.
  5. Enter the person’s name and any other information available.
  6. From the list that populates, individuals on community supervision (probation or parole) will not have a link to send funds to the person’s trust account or phone account.
  7. Selecting the person’s name and scrolling down the page will show where the person is on probation or parole, charges against them, and projected date supervision ends.
A screenshot from the Arkansas Department of Corrections showing the "Escapee List" page with profiles of escaped individuals, including their photos, escape dates, facilities from which they escaped, offenses, and a button to view more details about each case.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections11

These records remain public unless they are sealed or expunged by a court in good standing in Arkansas, and can show up on a background check.

To illustrate just how many people are on probation and parole, the following image shows the combined total of probationers and parolees in Arkansas, along with their ethnicities. Furthermore, these totals are also compared to the number of individuals on community supervision (including probation and parole) in other states across the United States.

A map of the United States with the total number of adults on probation and parole in each state is displayed, with Arkansas highlighted with a total of 2764 people; a bar graph showing the ethnic breakdown of its probationers and parolees of the state, with the website's logo in the bottom left corner.
Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics

How To Clear Your Record by Sealing or Expunging a Criminal Record in Arkansas

Arkansas does provide some relief for certain offenders through the process of sealing (sometimes referred to as expunging) a record. To seal a record, the following criteria must be met:

  • Case must have been brought before a court in the state.
  • All conditions of sentencing must have been successfully met to be eligible for expungement.
  • Conviction must be for a crime that meets eligibility requirements (for example, sexual assaults on persons under 18 are not eligible to petition for expungement.

The offenses or conditions that meet eligibility include the following:

  • Completion of drug court probation
  • Non-violent felony convictions
  • Misdemeanor convictions
  • Case resulted in a non-conviction
  • Probationers for possession of controlled substance and all conditions have been met
  • First time offenders who have successfully completed probation
  • All fines, fees and court costs have been paid in full

Once eligibility has been determined, the subject must file a petition with the court where the conviction occurred or the case was filed. Once filed, a copy is sent to the district attorney and the law enforcement agency that made the arrest.

These entities have 30 days to file an objection to sealing the case. If no objection is filed, the matter is removed from public domain with no further action. If an objection is filed, the matter is set on the docket for hearing.

Once a case is sealed in Arkansas it can only be accessed by the subject and their attorney in most circumstances; however, there are some exceptions. When applying for positions that involve working public safety or with vulnerable populations, sealed records may be considered when making those hiring decisions.

How To Check if Someone Is in an Arkansas State Prison or Federal Penitentiary

Since Arkansas is home to 20 state prisons and three federal correctional facilities, checking state and federal institutions is necessary to see if someone is imprisoned. Plus, the Bureau of Prisons hosts records for everyone released after 1982.

To locate federal prisoners located in Arkansas or other federal facilities, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and navigate to find an inmate from the drop-down menu.12
  2. Click the find by name tab on the form that opens.
  3. Enter the subject’s name. Searchers can also include race, sex and age if available.
  4. Click the search button to see the results.
  5. Scroll through the search returns to see if the subject is or has been in federal prison in Arkansas. The three federal facilities are all located in Forrest City and house inmates from low to medium security offenders.
A screenshot of the Federal Bureau of Prisons website showing the "Find an inmate" search page, which includes options to search by number or name, with additional fields for first, middle, and last names, race, age, and sex, under a notice regarding sentence recalculations due to legislative changes.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons12

To find someone in a state prison, the steps are nearly identical but instead searchers should navigate to the Arkansas Department of Corrections inmate search feature.13

The search results will show which facility the person is housed at. Arkansas also maintains an online list of escapees so the public can report if they see the person.

A screenshot from the Arkansas Department of Corrections website featuring an inmate search form that allows users to search by multiple criteria such as ADC number, name, gender, age, race, facility, and offense category, with options to filter by photos and additional helpful information links provided.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections13

Some individuals who fall under the state Department of Corrections may also appear on jail rosters if the jail contracts with the state to house low level offenders sentenced to shorter terms of incarceration. If a person is in prison in Arkansas, it will reflect this in the location column of the inmate record.

How To Check if You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest in Arkansas

If you’re concerned if yourself or someone else has a warrant out for their arrest, follow the steps below:

  1. Google “Arkansas [city or county that issued warrant] warrant search.” For example, to search for wanted individuals in Little Rock, Google “Arkansas Little Rock Police Department warrant list”.
  2. Review the top search results for the official website for the agency. In the example above, searches can choose from pulling up the Little Rock PD website or the Pulaski County District Courts website.14
  3. Check the website or websites to see if there is a list of active warrants published. If there is no list, call the non-emergency number to see about a warrant; however, be aware some departments will not reveal warrant information over the phone. Using the example above, searching the sites listed reveals these agencies do not publish a warrant list.

Searchers may also use the tables above to find and/or contact their local law enforcement agency. Anyone can read through the steps for obtaining warrant details on anyone wanted in Arkansas for clear instructions and a streamlined search process.

When someone discovers there is a warrant for their arrest, they can hire an attorney to coordinate turning themselves in and resolving the matter.

A screenshot of the Washington County Sheriff's Office website displaying a warrant search tool allows the public to search for warrant information by name and view a list of recent entries, with a cautionary note about the proper use of the data provided.
Source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office15

An Overview of Background Checks in Arkansas

There are several agencies in Arkansas that require a background check, or complete screenings on individuals as part of the daily operations for hiring or licensing new employees.

These agencies also maintain an online directory in many cases to search if someone has a current professional license or if there have been any disciplinary actions against certain professionals.

In general, the Arkansas State Police performs background checks for each one of the agencies below, but the exact submission process, forms and details differ; therefore, the links in the table below provide the most relevant background screening page for each agency:

Agency That Required Background Check & Their Submission Process
Reasons for Screening
Arkansas Department of Health
  • Nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • Interpreters for the deaf
  • Speech/language pathologists
  • Podiatrists
  • Dietitians
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Acupuncturists
  • Athletic trainers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienists
  • Opticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical therapists
  • Sanitarians
  • Medical professionals
Arkansas Department of Education
  • School administrations
  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Volunteer staff
  • Support staff
  • Bus drivers
  • Housekeepers
Arkansas Department of Human Services
  • Adoptions
  • Foster families
  • Child care workers
  • Adult day facility workers
  • Volunteers

The ASP hosts various forms, a FAQ, and a personal background check portal as well (this portal should never be used to check someone’s record for professional purposes or when making a decision (i.e. housing, insurance, licensing, employment etc.).16

A screenshot of the Arkansas Department of Public Safety website showing a search form where users can enter personal details like last name, first name, date of birth, and sex to find specific information, along with tips for effective searching.
Source: Arkansas Department of Public Safety16

Any background check completed for professional use, such as licensing or employment, must conform to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which limits the lookback period for non-convictions and credit history to a seven year period (ten for credit history where there is a bankruptcy).17

Personal background checks are not subject to FCRA restriction because they cannot be used for professional decision making. Personal background checks should also never be used to stalk or harass someone.

A personal background check is designed to allow a person to make a decision about a potential love interest, or to see what shows up on their own report to prepare for a professional screening or to make sure there is not inaccurate information appearing.

Background checks in Arkansas are designed to find out if anyone has any disqualifying offenses on their record that would prevent them from working with vulnerable populations or put the public at large at risk. For example, sex offenses would be automatic disqualifiers in a number of professions in Arkansas.

How To Access the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry To Check for Sexual Predators in Any Neighborhood

Performing a sex offender search in Arkansas can help determine if someone in a person’s neighborhood has been convicted of a sex offense. To search the registry, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Arkansas Department of Public Safety’s online sex offender registry portal.
  2. Read the disclaimer and click the button labeled I agree at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter at minimum the subject’s last name to search the sex offender felony registry and click the search offender button.
  4. Review the list of search returns to match the record with the subject of the search. Registry hits include a mugshot of the offender making identification easier.

Information provided by the Arkansas sex offender registry include the person’s full name, any known aliases, level of offense/offender classification, physical description of the subject, a recent photo, physical address where the person resides, and the person’s driver’s license number if they have a license.

Arkansas uses a color system to designate an offender’s risk level to the public as well. Records with green markers are considered moderate risk of reoffending. Those with yellow are high risk offenders, and red designates dangerous sexual predator risk levels.

A screenshot from the Arkansas Department of Public Safety displays a map tool designed to locate offenders in the region, featuring search fields for offender name, street, city, zip code, and county, along with risk level indicators and the option to switch between map and satellite views.
Source: Arkansas Department of Public Safety18

The registry also maintains a mugshot database of offenders considered homeless, or what the state calls non-mappable offenders. This can be a helpful tool for organizations that maintain homeless shelters or provide volunteer opportunities for the homeless to learn skills or match with potential employers.

Searchers also have the option of searching the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Registry; however, information on the national registry is provided by the state system, so the same information found on the state registry is on the national one. The national registry can help locate someone that was convicted in Arkansas but moved to another state.

Federal Statues & Arkansas Laws Regarding Criminal & Arrest Records

The final step in understanding arrest records in Arkansas or criminal records is to understand the laws that govern what can be disclosed and which agency provides official records for commercial use. This includes both state and federal laws that provide protections to search subjects against unlawful use of criminal records.

Under Arkansas Code 16-90-1416, any records that have been sealed or expunged from the record are not to be included in a public records background check.19 This applies to state and federal agencies that conduct screenings as well as commercial background check sites or people finder sites that perform background checks.

There are exceptions to this statute to include the following:

  • The search subject or their attorney has agreed in writing to disclose the offense.
  • A law enforcement agency is requesting the record for official purposes.
  • A court order is issued to unseal the record.
  • The district attorney has requested the record for official purposes and use.

Under Arkansas Code 16-90-1417, the subject of the record cannot be compelled to disclose a sealed criminal record unless the person is applying for licensure as a healthcare professional or in public safety, or where disclosure is otherwise required by law.

In most circumstances, records that are sealed or expunged under Arkansas Code 16-90-904 are not public domain except under strict circumstances and an employer (even when they may have first hand knowledge of the offense) cannot inquire about it or use it as a basis of making a hiring decision.

Currently Arkansas does not have a ban the box statute statewide. Cities and counties in the state are able to pass local ordinances that ban the box on criminal records requests early in the hiring process, but it is not a state law.

Employment candidates are afforded some protections on the federal level as well including limiting disclosure of non-convictions to a seven year lookback period imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). FRCA laws also apply to a person’s credit report which limits the lookback period to seven years in most cases, but can span 10 years in matters regarding bankruptcy.

Federal anti-discrimination laws are enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which prohibits using criminal records or arrest reports to discriminate against a protected class of people when making hiring or housing decisions. The EEOC supplies guidelines for employers on the use of arrest records or criminal reports when making hiring decisions.20

By using this guide, searchers can find arrest records in Arkansas in addition to warrants and sentencing data through county sheriff’s offices and local police departments when individuals are convicted of crimes.

This brief resource also supplies searchers with the appropriate agencies to obtain Arkansas criminal records such as the State’s Judicial Branch site, the circuit courts for each county, and the State Police.


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