Conduct a Free Arkansas Warrant Search (Information Lookup)

Free Arkansas Warrant Search
Find out if you or someone else has a warrant out for their arrest in Arkansas, free of charge.

Perform a free Arkansas warrant search and uncover information about active judicial orders about to be executed by law enforcement. Various tools inform people about individuals with open warrants against them, including incident dates, charges, and the status of those orders.

Look up search warrants, arrest warrants, bench warrants, and more; whatever type of warrant you seek, this resource will point interested individuals in the right direction so they can find what they’re looking for.

The Accessibility of Public Warrant Records in Arkansas

Many sources can provide concerned citizens with information about open warrants in Arkansas. From free online tools to agencies that can provide help and support in person, there are many ways to uncover all the details about a warrant.

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act makes relevant information readily accessible to the general public, and citizens should take advantage of that.1

Searchers should be aware that reaching out to law enforcement agencies to inquire about open warrants against themselves may lead to their arrest. For that reason, if someone thinks there may be an active warrant against them, it may be more advisable to hire an attorney to speak on their behalf and ask them to dig for information and provide counsel as to how to address any warrants that may come up.

Also, if anyone has information about the whereabouts of a wanted individual, it may be their duty to report that information to law enforcement. If this happens, people should never try to arrest someone with an open warrant because they may be dangerous. Instead, they should call law enforcement and let them handle the warrant execution.

In Arkansas, people can conveniently and efficiently find information about warrants using online tools from the state, counties, and municipalities. This resource will discuss all those tools and provide valuable research avenues below.

Important Information on Executing an Arkansas Warrant Search

To start a free Arkansas warrant search, it’s important to know the first and last name of the person who will be searched. Some tools will allow searchers to review lists of names and include mugshots in the details, but without a name, there’s no question the search becomes much more difficult.

Arkansas has many different platforms and agencies that can help individuals find information about open warrants. The most effective search method is to start with the state sources and narrow the search as needed. However, it’s helpful to know what incident could have led to a warrant and where it happened (or where the individual lives).

This way, if the state sources fail to produce information, citizens will be able to know where to look for it.

It’s also helpful to know what kind of warrant could possibly be active. For example, an arrest warrant for a criminal case may be found in a different place than a child support warrant.

Whenever looking for a warrant or trying to deal with one, keep in mind that seeking legal counsel is key. In Arkansas, in some cases, it’s possible to handle a warrant without appearing in court or being arrested just by paying the due amount. It’s very important that warrant information is readily available to all, but at the same time, it’s necessary to take the proper steps to address those warrants as seemingly as possible.

How To Run a Free Online Check to See if You or Someone Else Has a Warrant in Arkansas

Anyone can find information online for free about any warrant issued in Arkansas. The Administrative Office of the Courts Public CourtConnect website allows users to perform a variety of searches about any court case in the state – and that includes different types of warrants.

Since the website is a database with information about all cases in the state, it’s important to narrow the search so the desired results appear. To check for warrants, users should search by name, business name, or court case.

This selection will lead to the actual search page, where interested individuals can insert the name of the person who might have an active warrant against them. To narrow the search further, it may be helpful to choose warrant search on the case type bar – although there are different warrant options, and users would need to search one at a time.

Screenshot of the case information search with fields for individual or company name, DL number, date of birth, beginning and ending cases filing dates, case and party types, county, and location code, with an arrow pointing to the expanded case type drop down.
Source: Arkansas Judiciary, Administrative Office of the Courts2

The results will show all sorts of warrants, open or not. Searchers should make sure to read the details so they have the best possible understanding of the current situation. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that as much as the Arkansas Courts try to keep the database current, the information may be outdated.

How to deal with the results of a warrant search in Arkansas will be addressed below in this article.

The Arkansas Auditor manages the state warrant division. When information isn’t available online, and an individual wants to avoid being caught on an Arkansas warrant roundup, contacting them in person may be helpful. This is the contact information when more support is needed:

Arkansas Warrant Division
1401 W. Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (501)682.6000
Fax: (501)682-6005

In Arkansas, it’s also possible to search for absconded individuals who currently have a probation or parole warrant against them, who aren’t reporting to their agencies or offices as they should or who have violated the terms of their supervised freedom. Those individuals are wanted by the state, and some may have arrest warrants against them.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections’ Absconder Search is free to browse and provides details about the individuals at large and their cases.

Screenshot of the state absconder search displaying an interactive state map with individual counties, and a view all button.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections3

It’s possible to look at their list in two different ways. One way to search this system is the “View All” option, reflected in the blue button underneath the map. It’ll take the searcher to a full list of wanted probationers and parolees.

Another way to search is to look only at the wanted individuals in a particular county. By clicking on the desired county on the map, the searcher is led to the list of parole and probation offenders currently at large exclusively in that area.

Screenshot of the list of absconders in Newton County displaying their names, PID numbers, basic information, supervision end dates, counties, supervising officers, most serious offenses, and an option to view more details.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections4

If the searcher has information about any wanted individuals, they can contact the Department of Community Corrections by phone. During business hours, inquirers can call (501)618.8010 and after hours, (501)686.9800. However, individuals should never try to arrest those people or bring them in themselves, as these absconders may be dangerous and armed.

Find Warrants Issued at the County Level in Arkansas

When information about the judicial orders or the individual believed to have one against them isn’t available on the state systems, including misdemeanor warrants, concerned citizens can contact local law enforcement for information.

In Arkansas, some counties don’t offer a lot of information, while others provide more resources to the public. In counties where it’s necessary to contact law enforcement in person for information, there are some things to consider.

If someone believes that there may be outstanding warrants against them, contacting law enforcement may lead to their arrest if their suspicion is true. Anyone in that situation should consider that risk and retain a lawyer who can speak on their behalf and assist them in dealing with any active warrants. More on how to handle active warrants will be discussed further.

Pulaski County is an example of a jurisdiction that only offers the option to contact law enforcement for information.5 Any concerned citizen can reach out to them through the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office using the following information:

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office
Warrant Department
2900 S Woodrow
Little Rock, AR 72204

Phone: 501.340.6850

Benton County, on the other hand, displays a list online of all open warrants in the area.6 That’s a free tool for anyone wanting to know more about a felony warrant or any other type. Users can search this list by name, clicking on the initial letter of the person they want to search and reading through the available names.

Screenshot of Benton County's warrant list displaying name, age, offense, date of issuance, and warrant number.
Source: Benton County Sheriff’s Office6

If more information or support is needed, individuals can also contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in person using the following information:

Benton County Sheriff’s Department
1300 SW 14th St
Bentonville, AR 72712

Phone: 479.271.1008

Like Benton, Washington County also allows citizens to search online for warrants under their jurisdiction.7 The initial page will show the 20 most recent warrants issued in the county, but users can also search by name using the fields above the list. When the desired person is found, users can click on it and see the reason for the warrant and a mugshot.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office can also be contacted or visited in person if needed:

Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Warrants Department
1155 W Clydesdale Dr.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: 479.444.5800

Obtain Arrest Warrant Details via Cities & Towns in Arkansas

In some instances, it may become necessary to contact municipal sources for information about open warrants. Dealing with smaller local teams may be effective, especially when the interested individual isn’t familiar with the policies and procedures around warrant and their execution.

Some cities in the state offer means for citizens to run an Arkansas warrant search, as well as some level of assistance. Although their jurisdiction may be restricted, contact them may be an option when other sources fail.

For example, the Fayetteville Police Department displays a list on its website of all open warrants in the city.8 This list can be read in full or searched by name. They can also be contacted in person, as follows:

Fayetteville Police Department
1800 N Stephen Carr Memorial Boulevard
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: (479)587-3555

Screenshot of the Fayetteville warrant list displaying the full names, charges, warrant numbers, and warrant dates.
Source: Fayetteville Police Department8

The city of Fort Smith doesn’t offer an online search for finding an outstanding warrant.9 However, it explains that some warrants may be resolved without being arrested or having to appear in court just by making a payment.

For information on current open warrants, citizens can contact the Clerk’s Office using the following information:

Fort Smith District Court
901 South B St. – Suite 103
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Phone: (479)784.2420

In Rogers, all warrants are issued by the District Court, including probation and parole warrants, and concerned citizens can obtain information by calling or visiting the Records Unit.

Rogers District Court
Records Unit
1905 South Dixieland
Rogers, AR 72758

Phone: 479.621.1132

Find Federal Warrants Issued in Arkansas & Elsewhere in the U.S.

In some cases, the concern may be a federal warrant. Those are not as common as a bench warrant in Arkansas (or any other warrant, for that matter), but there are ways to search for them, too.

Those are some tools that can help try to uncover and find federal warrants. They are all lists of the most wanted individuals by federal agencies:

The Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system also allows individuals to find federal arrest and search warrants by searching the person’s name. This tool isn’t free and charges by page when someone searches for records.10

PACER users must create an account and add a payment method to search and access records, but this tool will show information about federal warrants with more clarity than the most wanted individuals lists.

Types of Warrants in Arkansas & What They Mean

There are different types of warrants that someone can have open against them. When resolving a judicial order, it’s helpful to know what kind of warrant the citizen is dealing with since the best course of action may vary.

Those are some examples of warrants and what they mean:

  • Arrest Warrants — are issued by the courts when a crime is committed outside of the view of law enforcement. When it’s believed to be probable cause, an arrest warrant is issued, and when it happens, it must be executed by law enforcement. However, citizens should know that in some cases, law enforcement doesn’t need a warrant and can arrest citizens on the spot.
  • Bench Warrants — are issued by courts when someone fails to comply with a judicial order, such as, for example, not appearing in a hearing. In Arkansas, those are also given to those who violate probation.
  • Parole Violation Warrants — sometimes, when a parolee violates their parole conditions, the Parole Revocation Judge may issue a warrant against them. Often, parole officers try to resolve the violation differently, but warrants are common when a parolee commits a new crime or represents a danger to society.
  • Traffic Warrants — in Arkansas, when someone receives a ticket that involves appearing in court if they fail to do so, the judge may issue a warrant against them, so they’re forced to come in and comply. The easiest way to avoid it is to pay any tickets and appear in court when requested.
  • Child Support Warrants — in Arkansas, anyone three months behind on their child support payments may have a warrant issued against them – and that goes for both men and women.

One important thing to note is that all warrants, despite their type, can be considered active warrants. An active warrant only means that this order remains outstanding and hasn’t been executed by law enforcement yet (or resolved, when possible).

The Process of Resolving Warrants & Reporting Persons of Interest in Arkansas

Having to deal with an open warrant isn’t a comfortable situation. Therefore, it’s important to learn about how to handle those situations to ensure the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

If someone thinks there may be an open warrant against them, contacting law enforcement about it may lead to their immediate arrest. One suggestion is to communicate with a trusted family member or friend and ask for their help uncovering information. If involving them isn’t a comfortable situation (or if they refuse to help), contacting an attorney is the next thing to do.

A lawyer can search for warrants and provide reasonable counsel on handling them.

On the other hand, it’s possible that a concerned citizen will find information about someone else’s open warrant. It’s important to know how to handle those situations, too.

When someone finds out there’s an open warrant about someone they have information about, the best course of action is to contact the law enforcement tip line and let them know that information. People should never try to arrest those individuals and, instead, should protect their safety (and their families) as much as possible.

Whatever the case, the most important thing is to address the problem and handle the warrant. When citizens find themselves in a situation where they have to deal with an open warrant in Arkansas, this is what they should do:

  • Find out if the warrant can be resolved by paying a fine or appearing in court in front of a judge. If that solves the problem, they should make arrangements to take care of that as soon as possible.
  • If the warrant is more complicated than that to solve, they should seek legal advice from an attorney. They are able to provide sound advice and guide the target of the warrant to the best possible solution.
  • Sometimes, the best way to address a warrant is to face it head-on. One way of doing it is by turning themselves in. When that’s the case, people shouldn’t try and run away.
  • On the contrary, they should communicate with their family about the situation and make sure they’re supported by a lawyer.

It’s also advisable to contact a bail bondsman before turning themselves in so arrangements are in place for them to be out of jail as soon as possible.

Information about warrants in Arkansas is readily available to the population, with transparency and means to contact the law enforcement responsible for executing the judicial order. People should always feel free to perform an Arkansas warrant search and seek out information about someone they care about or a situation that affects their family, directly or indirectly.


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