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Free Arkansas Parolee Lookup
Find out if someone you know or love was released from prison on parole in Arkansas, free of charge.

Perform a free Arkansas parole search quickly and conveniently with the search tools and guidance below.

Parole is related to probation in that both represent forms of court-supervised life in the community; however, probation is an alternative to incarceration, while parole is a supervised release from a prison sentence that tends to come with more serious felony charges — but only after some time has been served behind bars.

Identifying someone on parole with a free search can make a major difference for public safety in certain situations. This streamlined resource outlines the most important search tools for locating parolees in Arkansas, checking on violators and absconders, reporting violations, hearing schedules, and parole officer locations. Insight into probation search options is also provided.

How To Run an Arkansas Parole Search Without Fees

The Department of Corrections offers potentially useful tools for a parole search in Arkansas.

In keeping with federal Freedom of Information Act regulations, Arkansas has one of its own versions that are among the most forward-facing in the country. The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act protects the rights of citizens and allows them to track government actions, including court outcomes and probation and parole decisions.1

To find out if an inmate obtained early release, use the Parole Hearing Decision Search Tool.2 This tool offers all hearing results information about completed parole decisions. Users can search by:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • ADC Number
A screenshot from the Arkansas Department of Corrections detailing search fields for first name, last name, gender, and ADC number, along with a list showing example search results including names, gender, identification numbers, and multiple dates of hearings.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections2

This tool doesn’t provide in-depth information. There’s no information about how long someone is on parole or when their parole might end. However, additional information may be available through the Post-Prison Transfer Board.

They handle general information requests through (501) 682-3850 and [email protected]. For information about specific prisoners or that may fall under the Arkansas FOIA, email [email protected].

Determine if Someone in Arkansas Is in Violation of Parole or Has Absconded (Fled)

Arkansas is one of the few states to have an Absconder Search option that’s available online.3

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADOC) manages and maintains the tools for accuracy. All absconders statewide go onto the list, and parole violations are part of the public record. Users can see the list for specific counties or the entire state of Arkansas, making it easier to run a parole search for those who have violated the terms of their community release agreement.

The Absconder Search is a list that’s organized by county, so users will need to either know the county where the offender fled from or look at the statewide list and locate the individual record.

Each person listed on the Absconder List has their complete criminal history posted to give the public more information about the danger posed by the offender. It includes:

  • PID Number
  • Name
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Birth Date
  • Parole/Probation Office
  • Parole/Probation Officer
  • County
  • Begin Supervision Date
  • Max Supervision End Date
  • Absconded Date
  • Most Serious Offense
  • Supervision Risk Level
A screenshot featuring personal identification number, race, gender, birth date, supervision end date, supervising county, officer's name, and their most serious offense, all under the logo of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections3

It also provides a picture of the offender and links to reports about prison disciplinary actions, prior convictions, aliases and why the courts revoked parole/probation.

To report someone on this list, contact the Division of Community Correction at 501-618-8010 during normal business hours or at 501-686-9800 after 5 p.m. If there’s an immediate risk to someone, call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

How To Check Details of Inmates in Arkansas State Prisons

The Arkansas Department of Corrections maintains a searchable inmate locator database.4 Anyone running a parole search in Arkansas can use this database to get information about when an inmate might be eligible for community supervision.

Records available through this search tool include a criminal history report, crime of conviction and risk assessments, among others.

To use this tool, searchers must know at least the last name of the offender or use other information to narrow the search. The available search options include:

  • ADC Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • County
  • Facility
  • Offense Category
A screenshot detailing an inmate's identification number, name, race, gender, physical characteristics, birth date, date of custody, facility location and contact information, custody classification, good time class, projected eligibility date, and total sentence time, marked by the seal of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections4

The entire database is available for download, but there are use limitations, and failure to abide by responsible use guidelines can be a crime. Be sure to read the disclaimer in full before agreeing to the terms and running a search.

Search results include the inmate’s photo – if available – along with a complete, though brief, criminal record and history.

Users can even use this site to send money to an incarcerated person or pay for phone time that offenders can use. Facilities may split money sent to prisoners between a commissary account that inmates use to buy items such as hygiene items or office supplies and any mandatory restitution or court-ordered payments. There are three legal ways to send money to an inmate:

  • Money order by mail: Send a money order made out to the inmate and include the ADC number. Include a money order deposit slip and mail both to

Arkansas Division of Correction
Trust Fund Centralized Banking
P.O. Box 8908
Pine Bluff, AR 71611

  • Send money online: Use one of the Department of Corrections Banking Services tools to send money for inmate use while incarcerated or to pay for associated fees after release into community supervision. There are nominal fees associated with this method and users must input credit card information.
  • Send money via phone: Call 1-866-250-7697 and follow the prompts to send money to an inmate via the telephone system. Users must provide credit card information and pay nominal fees.

Sending money to someone incarcerated in Arkansas is as simple as clicking the link next to the inmate’s name or under their picture and using a credit/debit card to authorize payment.

To arrange visitation, the inmate must first add the person to their approved visitors list. Family and friends can then fill out a visitation application form when mailed one by the inmate. Returned forms are submitted to the Unit Visitation Clerk for the specific facility. Once approved, schedule visits online and arrive dressed according to the visiting dress code.5

How To Verify When an Arkansas Parole Hearing Will Be & Find Supervising Officer Information

The Arkansas Parole Board offers two types of search tools. The first is the one discussed above that tracks parole hearing decisions. The second is an Upcoming Hearings Inmate Search that is available for public use.6

This tool allows users to search by:

  • ADC Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Facility
A screenshot from the Arkansas Department of Corrections detailing an inmate's upcoming hearing date, number of probation and parole revocations, list of current convictions with sentence dates, the facility where they are held, and race.
Source: Arkansas Department of Corrections6

The more details you can provide to narrow the search, the fewer the number of results. A last name like “Smith” might return hundreds of results, while a more uncommon name might only have a few possible inmates. To find the right person with the last name “Smith”, it’s a good idea to have additional information to reduce the number of records.

If a searcher knows where someone is held, that can be very helpful when filtering search results. It’s even possible to search by facility only, revealing the list of people held in each jail or prison. The parole board updates the Information on this search tool daily.

Posted hearing dates cover several months, which allows victims and family members an opportunity to be present during a parole hearing.

Victims have the right to speak to the parole board about their concerns, while friends and family of the offender may also provide more information. After reviewing an inmate’s record while incarcerated and previous criminal history, the board decides whether to grant parole.

To make an in-person victim impact statement, visit the below address on the scheduled hearing date:

1302 Pike Avenue, Suite D
North Little Rock, AR 72114

Victims have a separate hearing from the inmate hearing, typically scheduled on Wednesdays twice each month. For more information about the parole process contact the Arkansas Parole Board by:

Phone: 501-682-3850
Email: [email protected]

How To Confirm if an Arkansas Resident Is on Probation

Probation is court-ordered community supervision that can replace all or part of any jail time in a sentence.

For example, a person convicted of larceny might have a total sentence of 1 year and 3 months, which the offender already served while waiting for their trial. During sentencing, the judge might offer probation instead of the remaining jail time.

Parole is available to some inmates after they’ve completed any mandatory jail time. It’s usually offered to those who have earned good behavior credits or have otherwise shown a willingness to change their future behavior.

To run an Arkansas probation search, searchers need to either use the county court records, the state inmate locator tool or contact a local probation and parole office.

The state inmate locator tool has information about a person’s probation history, but it may not include information on those offenders who never served any jail time. Other state, county and local resources offer additional information about probation.

Pulling Court Records: If probation information isn’t available through the inmate locator tool, county court records often have sentencing information. Arkansas collects all county court records into one searchable database.7 Users can see all documents filed related to the case, including the judge’s final verdict and sentencing.

To search this database, narrow the results by selecting criminal as the case type and inputting as much other information as possible.

Contacting the Probation Office: If a searcher needs to get more up-to-date information or find out who might be supervising a particular offender, contacting the local Division of Community Correction office is the best way to get immediate information.8

Arkansas is committed to making information available to the public; that means running an Arkansas parole search is relatively quick and 100% free.


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